The raising of the flag at Iwo Jima, the bravery of the Tuskegee airmen, firemen, and first responders entering the World Trade Center towers. All of these people are heroes.

But some heroes are unsung heroes like three garbage men on a street in Arlington, Tennessee.

A garbage truck making its weekly visit is a common sight, but the men riding on the truck are heroes to 5-year-old Grayson Wilson. Their visit each Wednesday is the highlight of his week.

His mother Christin explained why.

“These gentlemen take time out of their day, every Wednesday they make it a point to stop, make my child smile, make it a point to make him feel important,” she said.

It’s been happening for a few years.

“Grayson was about a year and a half old standing at the window of the door, oohing and awing, waving at the trashmen. They would come to the door, they would wave at Grayson and then it just flourished from there,” his mother said.

Then came the news.

“Grayson recently had some headaches and we took him to LeBonheur and they found a brain tumor in the right side of his cerebellum,” Christin said.

When the guys on the garbage truck found out, Christin said you could see the pain in their eyes.

“They were very upset. So now the days, the visits are longer,” she said.

We decided to do something special for them with Grayson’s help.

Just a short time later, Grayson’s friends Bill, Country, and Darius arrived. They knew it was Grayson’s fifth birthday and they came with a present and birthday wishes.

“The love and everything that y’all show to my son and to my family, I appreciate y’all,” Christin said.

It was time for Grayson and his mom to Pass It On. News Channel 3 gave $300 to each man and $700 from our wonderful anonymous donors.

And how do these men feel about Grayson?

“We been dealing with him since he was about two years old.  He’s always excited to see us,” Country said.

“Grayson is really special, special kid,” Darius said.

“It’s been going on ever since I’ve been on this route and his mom and he comes out. He loves to see us and I love to see him because I love kids. I mean, that just makes my day,” Bill said.

Bill, Darius, and Country are common guys doing a common job. But to a little boy in Arlington with a brain tumor, they’re heroes because they take time to care.