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TIPTON COUNTY, Tenn. — A Tipton County woman named Kayla Bryant loves her job, and her co-workers love her, which is why they came to her rescue when she needed help.

“She helps everybody so much. She has bought many people food when they couldn’t afford to eat. She’s schooled all of our kids. She’s got the biggest heart I’ve ever seen. She’s just a great person,” explained playmaker Alissa Ferge.

But Bryant has been having some problems.

“She is driving a car which is constantly having issues. She actually has a cracked radiator right now and has glued it with epoxy because she couldn’t afford to fix it,” explained Ferge. “Every time she drives it, everyone at the daycare just gets worried about her. It broke down on her in the middle of a storm a few weeks back.”

After making their way to the daycare, Ferge and WREG’s Tim Simpson spring the surprise. Bryant receives $300 from WREG and $700 from our anonymous donors.

But then another surprise!

“We’ve also gotten some donations from some of the staff and some of the parents and the owner here, Miss Ina, and we have an extra $700 to add to it,” said Ferge handing Bryant the additional money.

“It makes me happy because I love helping people and I love helping the kids, so if I have something to give, I’m going to give it,” replied Bryant when asked how she feels receiving the surprise.

It’s a surprise that came at the perfect time and will really help one loving worker.