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Tipton County deputy battling cancer gets Pass It On surprise

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TIPTON COUNTY, Tenn. — Law enforcement are sworn to protect and serve, but one member of the Tipton County Sheriff’s Office has been having a difficult time serving these days.

“The deputy, Michael Keistler, he was in training here a short while back and he had a seizure while in training,” explained Sheriff Pancho Chumley. “Since then he’s had a surgery and some other things going on. Everyone’s trying to pull together to do what they can to make things easier for him while he gets through this.”

Turns out that seizure was caused by a brain tumor.

“Michael, first of all he loves prayers, so we’re doing a lot of prayers for him and I think we’ve seen a big difference because of prayers,” said Chumley.

Chumley, some of his deputies and WREG’s Tim Simpson head to Michael’s home for the Pass It On surprise.

“If you could just grab what’s at the end of that baton, and slowly pull it toward you. There’s $300 from News Channel 3 and $700 from our anonymous donors for a total of $1,000,” said Simpson.

“Thank yall,” Michael replied.

He was very touched by the generosity.

“It really helps. I mean 2020 has been a rough year but this is a lot. The community has really helped,” he said.

“Found out that I had a brain tumor. I had surgery on October 22nd and it came back as an astrositoma grade 3 which is a type of brain cancer,” he added. “Hoping to be starting starting chemo and radiation soon.”

Chief Deputy Billy Daugherty stepped in and ended the conversation in prayer.

“We call upon the great physician. We know Lord that you can heal him. Lord, we have not because we ask not. So today we’re just asking to put your hand on him and heal him.”

Michael is in a battle, but he’s surrounded by a group of friends who aren’t just law enforcement officers. They’re prayer warriors.

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