MEMPHIS, Tenn.– A first-year teacher at Crump Elementary School is getting rave reviews from her peers. However, Justice Johnson’s coworkers Linda and Janet told us she is having a real struggle with getting to the classroom.

“Justice had a wreck and is really having a hard time getting back and forth to school,” said Janet.

“We have different co-workers going to her house, picking her up in the morning time and then another co-worker would take her home in the evening time, so we’ve all been making sure that she gets to work,” said Linda.

We didn’t waste any time. Linda and Janet went inside the school to find Justice while we found a place to hide.

Justice received $1,000 from News Channel 3 and our anonymous donors, but her friends at Crump Elementary had another surprise for her.

“There’s more. This is from the staff at Crump Elementary because we’re a family and we want you to know how much we care and how much we love you,” said Linda.

The faculty and staff members gave Justice an additional $1,100.

“Thank yall so much, this means a lot. Yall didn’t have to do this and I really appreciate it,” said Justice.

Justice was touched by all of their kindness.

“It makes me feel grateful to be where I am right now. It could be worse. I’m grateful for where I am and appreciate that people I have around me,” she said.

The $2,100 she received will be used toward the purchase of reliable transportation for her and her little brother who happens to be a Crump Elementary student.