MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A couple of Memphis moms are forging a friendship over football, and when one gets hit with some of life’s hard blows, the other reaches out to WREG to pass it on.

Kelly Miller and Shanay Slaughter are known for being the loudest to cheer on their sons, members of the mighty Midtown Steelers.

“Shanay and I have the best conversations in football practice games,” Kelly said.

Those conversations started a year ago and led to a close friendship, so when Shanay, a school teacher and single mother of two, had her car stolen, she told Kelly all about it. Then came her delayed utility bill for four months of service for $1,200.

“Her car was totaled from the inside, and they said that the damages from the inside of her car would cost more than actually the car would cost,” Kelly said. “So it was kind of like back to back. Things after things. Problem after problem. So, I just want to be able to help her out.”

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We met Kelly at Winchester Elementary, where Shanay works, and handed over $1,000 so she could pass it on.

“You got me crying. Don’t cry. Don’t make me cry. Oh my God I am just so speechless,” Shanay said. “Thank you. I have no words. I just want to say thank you, so much.”

The Pass It On money came like an answered prayer for Shanay. She missed some work, and it was tough to take her son to practice, but hopefully our gift will help her get another car so she can have dependable transportation again.

“Me and Kelly have been talking, and honestly, I just been keeping my faith. I just tell her okay, I can do nothing but roll with it and go with it, and she heard me. She was my comfort. She was my encouragement, but overall, I’m just thankful to God that I have friends like this,” she said.

A special moment between friends as Shanay’s third-grad math students learn a real life lesson that solves the equation for kindness.

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