MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis master plumber is going through some health issues, but a long-time friend is looking out for him.

Theoron Dotson is now in private security, but he used to be in the plumbing business. That’s where he got to know Greg Williams.

“This is my close friend.  We came up through the ranks of the plumbing business back in the day. We came out at Albert Cook Plumbing company and he is one of my colleagues that kind of helped me along,” Dotson said.

Greg hasn’t been able to work after suffering a stroke recently.

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“As I got word that he had a stroke, I decided to try and do something to help him out,” Dotson said. “He’s going through some financial problems and I just want to try and help him out a little bit.

It was a short trip down the street to find Theoren’s friend Greg. Once we were there, it was time to give him the surprise.

Theoren counted out $300 from News Channel 3 and $700 from our anonymous donors. He also added an extra $100 to help his dear friend.

Because of the stroke, it’s tough for Greg to speak so his sister-in-law Jackie told us what they were feeling.

“This really, really touches my heart because of the thing, people don’t really have to do anything for you.  And for someone to love my brother-in-law enough that they’re willing to go to bat in order to help him, that means so much to all of us,” she said.

Greg’s verbal communication skills may be slightly limited because of the stroke, but his eyes and his smile told the story. He’s very thankful.