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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Sam’s Club is a popular place for Mid-South shoppers and there is one employee at the Winchester location who is a real hit with customers.

“Just like any other customer I order cookies, cupcakes or birthday cakes. And there’s always been the nicest employee here, Ms. Dorothy,” said playmaker Jean Roberts. “She is just friendly and so nice to everybody and takes her time and just makes everyone feel like they’re an important person while they’re just making their order for their cakes or baked goods.”

When Roberts’ father passed away, she wanted a specially decorated cake in his honor to share with family.

“One lady said, ‘Oh, we could probably do something.’ And she said, ‘Write down what you want.’ I started writing it down and she said, ‘That’s too much. We can’t write that.’ And then all of a sudden from out of nowhere comes Ms. Dorothy. She said, ‘I thought I recognized your voice.’ She said, ‘I’ll be more than happy to write on there. Just show me what you want.'”

It was the simple acts of kindness that led Roberts to submit Ms. Dorothy’s name to WREG’s Tim Simpson for Pass It On.

The pair made their way to the bakery section where they were instantly recognized by Ms. Dorothy even with their masks on.

“You’re exactly the kind of person I want to be, just checking in on people and making people feel good,” Roberts explained to her as she was given $300 from News Channel 3 and $700 from anonymous donors.

“Oh Lord Jesus. Thank you,” said Ms. Dorothy. “This will help me pay my bills. I have bills to pay. And I need things done at the house. So I appreciate it very much. I really do.

“You’re the best Ms Dorothy,” added Roberts. “I love you. You know I do.”