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Pass It On: Teacher’s aide gets some much needed help

Pass It On

MEMPHIS, Tenn. —Risona Black has been a constant in Shameka Thomas and her son’s life ever since her son was a baby.

Mikale has autism and Black is his teacher.

Just recently, Black was forced to take off work to care for her own son Kenneth who was injured after falling 12-feet to the ground while on the job. He sustained second degree burns to his arm and fourth degree burns to his hand.

“TAs don’t make a lot of money and they don’t have a lot of benefits and perks that teachers do, so just being off work has created a little hardship for her.”

Let’s Pass It On!

WREG’s Tim Simpson handed over $300 from WREG and another $300 from an anonymous source.

It was a quick trip and Black was emotional when they arrived.

“I wrote to News Channel 3 about the Pass It On when I heard about your son.  So if you will hold out your hand…”

Thomas counted out the money.

“You give me such joy and such pleasure to know you, and to know my son is in such great care.”

Black couldn’t believe what was happening and said she’s grateful to know that people care about her.

This financial surprise will help meet some needs while she’s out of work caring for Kenneth. 

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