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MEMPHIS, Tenn.— A Southaven family is struggling following a recent health diagnosis. They’re trying to catch up on bills and could use some help.

When Anna and William Hill discovered a neighbor across the street was having health issues, they knew they needed to step up.

“It’s our neighbors, Lacy and Jerry Martin. He had been diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia a while back and it had been in sort of a remission, but right as COVID started… It really got active.” Anna said.

Jerry Martin had to quit full time work so he could get treatments. Then, the car issue hit.

“It’s a daily struggle.  Mainly, just that the chemo is wearing out the joints and it causes daily pain.  But that’s my new norm and I push on.”

The Martin family has had issues with vehicles. With children and teenagers trying to get to work, they’re having a difficult time trying to juggle it all.

“The one car they did have running just gave out.” Anna said. Thanks to another neighbor, that car is running for now.

“He’s out doing door dashes and stuff like that when he can… when he feels up to it.” William said.

News Channel 3 and our anonymous donors collected money to assist Lacy and Jerry Martin. Anna and William threw in an additional $100 to bring the total donation to $1100.

Recent days haven’t been easy for the Martin family, but as Jerry said, they’re pushing on and not giving up. 

“It’s just special that there are still like nice people and nice organizations out there to help people when they’re in need.” Lacy said.