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Pass It On: Helping out a caregiver

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — It takes a lot to keep kids busy and out of trouble. In this week's Pass It On, we're helping a woman who's making sure the kids in her care stay busy and trouble free.

The Vance Youth Development Center is a dream that has become a reality for Barbara Nesbit.

While she has some help along the way, most of what you see is from her - down to her pocket or a few hit and miss donations.

Everline Johnson is a volunteer at the center and she want to help Barbara out.

"Le me tell you a little about the person I'd like to help with Pass It On," Everline said. "Her name is Barbara, and she's the director of the Vance Youth Development Center."

"She's a great person and she feeds over 200 children daily. She doesn't get any income from this. She doesn't get any help. She relies on the government and donations from the city and people like myself to giver her money to feed these children," Everline said.

Everline says she couldn't think of a better person to help during this time of year.

Well, we're going to help her out.

It sounds like she needs some help feeding these kids, and we want to help out.

Everline received $300 from News Channel 3 and another $300 from an anonymous donor in Nesbit, MS.

That's a total of $600.

Thank you! Let's go Pass It On. She's going to be so excited.

Everline hit the ground running.

In just a few minutes we spring into action.

Barbara's husband Mickey helped us get into position.

"Good morning, good morning," Everline said.

She is like the energizer bunny. She never runs out of energy or enthusiasm.

"The Lord blessed me to bless you, and I'm here to give to you," she said.

Everline counted out the cash and added a little surprise of her own.

"This is a donation from me and my girlfriend, Stephanie Watkins. So you have $600 from Pass It On at News Channel 3 and $100 from me and my girlfriend to donate to help you feed these children

Barbara is overwhelmed by the kindness.

"I'm thinking about these children. Now, we can have a good Thanksgiving dinner. I can help the families out. We can buy Christmas toys with this.

A former Juvenile Court Officer, Barbara knows that kids need more than correction. They need direction.

"Children get into trouble because there's not enough love and attention at home," Barbara said.

The kids do get attention at the center.

"This is the little happy yellow building. Everything here and outside is happy. When you step into this building you are in a whole new world," Barbara said.

The Vance Youth Development Center is a dream come true for Barbara Nesbit.

She's on a mission to offer hope, direction and inspiration to these kids.


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