MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A young man from the Mid-South is fighting to get his life back on track, years after he was shot in a carjacking. He could use some help and that’s just what Tim Simpson is delivering in this week’s Pass It On.

Newton Morgan graduated from Tennessee State University in 2016 with a bright future in front of him.  That is until the events of November 2016. His classmate Michael Lane and Michael’s mother Bri told me the story.

“Newton was a victim of gun violence up in Nashville,” Michael said. “He was a victim of a carjacking and he miraculously survived the encounter.”

“He was shot 10 times,” Bri said. “Yes, he woke up in an ambulance on the way to the hospital. Today, he’s confined to a wheelchair and has limited mobility.”

This mother and son team are dedicated to helping Newton. “We’re basically trying to help him get his life back on track,” Michael said.

Newton is expecting a photographer to take some new go fund me pics. Instead, he’s going to get funded.

Newton told us what happened. “I was moving out of my apartment.  And as I was waiting for my roommates to come back from Waffle House to get done eating, a group of guys came and robbed me.  After they robbed me there were trying to kill me.  When I came to try and fight back they shot me. They shot me like 10 times.”

The robbers left Newton lying on the ground. It was there he had an important conversation.

“I was talking to God and I told God, ‘you know I’m not done with your work and uh… I don’t want to die yet.’ I heard a voice and he told me that I’m not going to die so that kind of encouraged me a little bit.”

Newton’s life was spared and now his goal, “I want to strive to do more and help the community.”

However, Newton could use a couple of things.

“Me getting into a vehicle would me out a lot with my independence.  And bathroom modification.  Being able to get into the bathroom and being able to take a proper shower. That would help out a lot.”

This is a fortunate young man. He’s educated, smart, and a good attitude. And his dream job?

“My goal is to get into law school and be a lawyer,” Newton said. “The biggest thing I really want to do is to help the community and I want help the youth and bring families back together.”

The bullets didn’t stop Newton and it’s doubtful the wheel chair will stop him from fulfilling his dreams. Remember, his work isn’t done.