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Pass It On: Helping a health care professional in need

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Beverly Henderson has spent much of her life helping others through home health care, but now she needs some care. Meet our playmaker Kimberly Crutcher.

“She had surgery back in May and she came out, she could hardly walk. Went to therapy and started walking better. And on August 12th she had another surgery and it left her where she’s not able to walk and she’s walking on her walker now.”

“She’s always helping people, doing stuff for people and I just feel like she needs a little help because she’s unable to pay all of her bills like she’s needs to.”

It’s time to pass along some cash

“There’s $100, $200 and $300 from News Channel 3. Plus an anonymous donor gives an additional $300 for a total of $600.”

They didn’t waste any time and caught Henderson as she was leaving the physical therapist.

“Hey Bev. I called Channel 3 Pass It On because you help everybody,” explained Crutcher. “So if you’ll hold out your hand, and try not to fall on me. I’ m counting out six 100 dollar bills for you.”

How does Henderson feel?

“You just don’t know, it’s a blessing, and I thank ya’ll,” she said. “Haven’t been able to do the things I’m used to doing and got behind on some stuff, so this is a big help to me.”

Then Tim Simpson told them about a couple he met in Jackson, Tennessee who handed him $400.

“And they’re like ‘next time you do a Pass It On story we’d like to add to it because we feel like whoever is getting the gift needs to have an even $1,000.’ So there’s $400 more.”

This unexpected $1,000 gift will help Henderson catch up and pay some bills. The kindness of strangers, the highlight of these Pass It On stories.

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