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The passenger in that little car, Rick McFarland, is fortunate to be alive. He’s also blessed to know Kim and Debra from the Bartlett Home Depot store.

“He was t-boned at an intersection.  He has traumatic brain injuries.  He can’t remember things a lot of the times.  He’s had several back surgeries, a lot of rods in him now. Um, and he is just down on his luck.”

And without a car. He’s been using a ride share service to get to work. Rick works at a car wash, but he’s been spending 40 dollars a day just to get there.

Tim told Kim and Beth, “I’ve got 300 dollars from News Channel 3 and 700 dollars from our anonymous donors for a total of one thousand dollars.”

Debra has been a little camera shy, but she knows how to work that phone. She calls Rick and lets him know we were on the way.

So, the girls loaded up and we’re off to find Rick. Once at his address, we have to do a little walking to find the right apartment. Eventually, we found Rick.

Kim tells Rick what’s going on, “Well we wanted to help you out. So, we reached out to these fine guys and we have money to give you.”

Kim counts out the one thousand dollars from News Channel 3 and our anonymous donors.

“I’m overwhelmed.  These two girls have been so special to me.  During the last year I had a really bad vehicle accident and I’m lucky to be here,” Rick said. “And I probably wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for these girls.”

Rick doesn’t remember the accident, but he can’t forget the damage done.

“I suffered a brain injury, three broken vertebrae, a punctured spleen, and a collapsed lung.  And probably some more stuff if I were to think about it,” he said.

Rick is doing better though he still struggles with memory issues.

He’s thankful to have friends like Kim and Debra.