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Pass It On: Helping a family who lost everything in a fire

Pass It On

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — This story has almost as many twists and turns as the old Zippin Pippin from the former Mid-South Fair Grounds. It starts with an anonymous donor in the News Channel 3 parking lot.

“So you had a house fire yourself.”

“I did. I had a house fire at the end of September. I had a lot of people reach out and want to help me in someway.”

But instead of using the money for her needs, this anonymous person asked donors if she could use the money to help someone less fortunate.

“It’s an amazing realization to walk out with only the clothes on your back.”

“So how much money did you and your friends raise?”

“We raised $1,000.”

“We will put that to good use.”

It just so happens that WREG’s Tim Simpson knew someone who could use that money. So, he met up with our playmaker Jerrian Harris who explained what’s been going on with his friend Yvette Barnes.

“At the beginning of December they lost their home to a fire. They were just so thankful to get out. We were just thankful that they got out with the clothes on their back, literally. Literally. And I think just within the year the same thing happend with a vehicle. They were able to get out before the car was engulfed in flames.”

“So they’ve had a house fire and a car fire and there are some medical issues as well?”


Time to Pass It On!

“When we heard about the fire, when I heard about the fire, I immediately heard about Pass It On. I know God is with you. You’ve been through so much and you are such an example for us,” said Harris before handing over the $600 from an anonymous donor and WREG – plus another $100 which he snuck in himself.

Remember that anonymous donor in the parking lot? Don’t worry, Tim didn’t forget about her $1,000 gift. He told her story to Barnes and how she wanted to pass along money her friends had raised.

“‘I didn’t want it for myself. I wanted to pass it along to somebody else who had been through a house fire.’ So, here’s another $1,000.”

“Oh my God. I got to sit down now.”

Overwhelmed, Barnes eventually made it back to her feet and was simply grateful.



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