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Pass It On: Helping a bedridden woman get a new bed

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — It's hard knowing someone who needs help financially but just not being able to do anything about it.

That's one of the beauties of Passing It On. We provide the $600, and all you have to provide is the good will — and the playmaker this week has plenty of that.

The song says tomorrow is only a day away, but actually, she's right here.

Tomorrow Bonds is deeply concerned about the mother of one of her childhood friends. Sixty-two-year-old Emma Eason has battled several strokes, is on dialysis and just got out of the hospital a day earlier.

When Tomorrow went to visit Emma, what she saw broke her heart.

"The mattress and box springs are on milk crates ... get her a new bed," she says.

Tomorrow says her friend and Emma's daughter Nikki had to give up her job to care for her mom. So on her way home from her job with the city's payroll department, Tomorrow usually stops by to help, which is why they think she's coming on this day. When we walk in, daughter Nikki is the first person we see.

Then we walk back to Emma's room. Safe to say, Emma wasn't expecting us.

"You know you're like a mama to me, right?" Tomorrow asks. "You need a comfortable bed, you do. You need a comfortable bed. So I called Richard Ransom, and they want to Pass It On to you ... they gave you 600 dollars!"

Now Tomorrow gets to Pass It On. She has to carefully count out the money, but Emma is more than grateful.

"I thank you so very much," Emma says through tears.

"We are so happy to help you," I say. "You need to get yourself a comfortable bed."

"I do. Thank you so very much."

"To help somebody, you know, just pass the blessing on, and I love doing that. Emma, she's like a mom to me, I don't have my mom anymore."

Tomorrow said she lost her mom at such a young age she never got to ask her, "Why'd you name me Tomorrow?" But her middle name is Joy, and I think we may have just seen the answer to that question.

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