MEMPHIS, Tenn. — It has been almost a year since a Horn Lake woman lost her husband to a senseless act of violence. She’s getting some help, and Tim Simpson has her story in this week’s Pass It On.

Alexander and Ria Redditt were high school sweethearts. Married just six years ago, their future together looked bright until one horrible night in August 2021. 

Just like that, their dreams were shattered. Jordyn Stewart is our playmaker and used to work with Ria.

“She’s a good friend of mine. She was until just recently a co-worker of mine. I just switched jobs,” Jordyn said. “We worked together four, four and a half years. She’s a great person. Ya know, I’m so lucky to have found her and have her as a friend.”

Ria is facing some tough times lately.

“She’s been struggling emotionally, financially,” Jordyn said. “I can’t really do a lot to help with the emotional struggle of it, because what do you do?”

Today, we can help with the financial struggle.

“We’re going to provide a thousand dollars of help,” Tim said. “I’ve got three hundred dollars from News Channel 3 and seven hundred dollars from our anonymous donors.  There’s one thousand dollars. You think she’ll be happy with that?”

It’s time to load up and find Ria.  She’s literally just down the street.

“A few days ago, I heard about this program that News Channel 3 does called Pass It On,” Jordyn said. “Where you nominate someone that’s [in] a financial hardship or something, and I thought of you.”

The tears were flowing even before we could Pass It On! Jordyn counts out the cash for Ria.

“I don’t know what to say.  Only thing I can say now is that I can pay my rent now,” Ria said. “I’m just very grateful of everything.”

Ria tells me what she’s been dealing with lately.

“About nine months ago he was murdered, up in Memphis. And it’s just me and my animals,” Ria said. “It’s difficult to go from two incomes to one income.”

This money comes at a good time

“You have no idea on how much this will help me out,” Ria said. “I was just talking to my landlord about two weeks ago on paying a little bit extra of money I didn’t have to pay up rent.  And now I won’t be behind.”

Ria is struggling, but today there were some smiles, some hugs and memories of a husband whose life was cut short.