MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis Police Department employee received some help after her car unexpectedly caught on fire.

Christine Jenkins is an Administrative Assistant at the Carnes Avenue police precinct. She loves her job but finds it challenging to get to work these days.

Police Colonel Sandra Green told us about her situation.

“Well, her vehicle caught fire,” she said. “It’s the only source of transportation that she has, and she cares for her mother. So, she’s been struggling a little bit with it, with Uber and the prices, kind of high for her.”

Christine’s car burning in parking lot

We didn’t have to travel far to find Christine at the police precinct.

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Colonel Green counted out $1,000 from News Channel 3 and our anonymous donors. Christine was speechless for the moment but little did she know, we had another surprise for her.

Christine also received another $500 from Officer Larry Howard’s church.

How did it make Christine feel?

“Blessed to know good people. I’m thankful to God for them. Thank you,” she said.

She told us what happened when she arrived at work on Feb. 6.

“I pulled in, and I noticed a little smoke. And I’m like, oh my god, what in the world is going on,” she explained. “So I brought my bags in here and went back out, and noticed more smoke, and I saw fire sparking. I’m like oh my god, so I called 911, and the fire department came and put the blaze out.”

Christine is thankful she wasn’t driving when the fire occurred.

“I’m blessed. I have no complaints. It could have been worse,” she said.