MEMPHIS, Tenn.— Life can throw some pretty mean punches. In this week’s Pass It On, Tim Simpson introduces us to a woman who’s been through the ringer but keeps a smile on her face.   

The ice storm in early February caused major damage across the Mid-South. One person affected was Jan Garner. Her co-workers Vivian and Sarah, tell me about what Jan has been dealing with.

“She’s just had some hard times.  It started with a limb falling on her house,” Vivian said.  

That caused a major leak.

“They were finally able to remove the tree but there was a leak in her house,” Sarah said.

But there’s more. “Her hot water heater went out, and when she looked at it, the hot water heater was so bad that it was completely rusted and just fell apart,” Vivian said.

There’s no hot water!

“She was without hot water for three weeks, so they had to boil the water that they were using,” Vivian said.

Heating water every day sent Jan’s electric bill into the stratosphere.

“At one time she owed one thousand dollars,” Vivian said.

“She’s also taking two of her family members,” Sarah said. “And then she was also taking care of her brother until he passed away.”

Jan has her plate full. So, we grab the cash.

“There’s $300 from News Channel 3. $700 from anonymous donors. There’s a thousand dollars of encouragement,” Tim said.

“She will be thrilled, I’m sure,” Vivian said. “She will definitely be able to use it.”

So, we walk across the parking lot to the building where these ladies work. In the lobby, we make a quick phone call to Jan.

“This is Vivian,” she said. “Can you come downstairs and help me with something?”

Moments later, we see her.

“Jan, Vivian has really wanted to help you out,” Sarah said. “We know you’ve had a tough year and past few months.”

“You are so deserving,” Vivian said. “This is a thousand dollars that I know will help you.”

So, Vivian counts out the $1,000 cash. Jan definitely remembers the ice storm, and that big limb.

“[It] hit the roof, went through the windshield of the car.  So, it was just like one thing after another.  Hot water heater goes and everything,” Jan said. “Had to go to work. Can’t just go undone.”

That resulted in a huge bill. “I got a one-thousand-dollar utility bill” Jan said. “You’re kidding?” Tim asked. 

“No, everything in the house is electric so, you know, it just comes with the territory,” Jan said.

While we were filming this story, a fan of Pass It On saw what was happening and wanted to help.

“Here ya go baby,” the woman said. “Oh, bless you! Oh, my goodness,” Jan said. “Thank you.”

A double blessing for Jan in this week’s Pass It On.