MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The recent bout of near-zero temperatures took a toll on many Mid-South residents, including one woman in Whitehaven who was hit particularly hard.

Mable Crawford’s home has seen better days. The gutters are full of leaves and the house could definitely use some paint and a good dose of TLC.

Our playmaker Dea Edinbourgh told us what’s happening.

“She has a pipe that burst from the cold winter weather, and so the water is leaking out into the street. And she has a lot of leaves there that had to be raked and cleaned up,” she said.

But Mable isn’t able to fix these issues.

Years ago, Mabel Crawford and her husband adopted and raised three children. She was well known for her upholstery business in South Memphis. However, age and health issues have caught up with Mabel.

“She has both of her legs amputated and she’s paralyzed on her left side,” Dea said.

Dea loaded up and we followed her to Mabel’s house. About five minutes later, we could see where the water is from the burst water pipe.

Mabel’s caregiver Cynthia escorted us through the house. Dea told Mabel why we were there.

“News Channel 3 donated this money to you to get that stuff fixed,” Dea said. “That is one thousand dollars for you to pay somebody to fix that burst pipe.”

Ms. Mabel was very surprised.

“God bless you,” she said.

The floors in her home are soaked and the rugs are saturated with water, but the money given by News Channel 3 and our anonymous donors will go towards having this issue fixed.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you,” Mabel said.