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Pass It On: From homeless to Harpo’s

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis man is glad to have a roof over his head this Christmas thanks to a friend who found him living in a tent, and Tim Simpson is helping him Pass It On.

Tim Dean simply got behind on his bills, lost his home and his car and ended up in a tent.

But three weeks ago that all changed when Bill Sharp drove up on a four-wheeler.

“I said, ‘hey come out of that tent and let me talk to you a minute.’ And he did. And I told him, man you can’t be staying out in this tent as cold as it is,” Sharp said.

Sharp took him a cooler full of food, a barbecue pit and some blankets. The next day he came back and asked Tim what kind of work he liked to do.

Tim told him he liked to restaurant work. Bill and a partner own a restaurant, Harpo’s Bar & Grill on Highway 51.

“I said, well a partner of mine owns a restaurant with me so come on and go with me and we’ll give you a job and a place to stay.”

Bill and Tim Simpson passed on $600 to Tim recently.

Tim explained what happened in his life.

“In June I bought a car and at the same time, I lost my residence.  And you know, because I wasn’t making enough to cover my bills,” he said.

He slept in his car in a Walmart parking lot, until his car got towed.

“I ended up in a tent. The summer was really hot, the end of the summer. And then it got really cold,” Tim said. “I’m not wearing shoes right now because last month when those 5 degree temperatures came with the wind chill, I got frost bite, so I’ve got medication for that and bill has helped me get there.”

From tent to tavern, Tim’s story has a good ending because bill took time to care.

“He’s put me back on my feet and I’m forever, ever grateful,” Tim said.


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