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Pass It On: Finding hope after a fire

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Tim Bouler and his family recently faced a tragic situation.

“His house caught on fire a couple of weeks ago,” explained playmaker Debbie Faulkner. “His sister in-law was injured in the fire as well. She was apparently cooking something with grease on the stove and went just around the corner for a minute and one of the kids came in saying that the kitchen was on fire.”

“So she grabbed the pan, and when she did, it had the hot grease in it. Fell on the floor. She burned her hands, burned her face, she fell in the hot grease. Burned her back, her legs.”

It was a devastating injury.

“She did have a skin graft, looks like that’s going to take OK. Not sure they’re going to be able to save her foot.”

Time to Pass It On!

Bouler was called to the conference room at work, but he had no idea why. That’s when Faulkner jumped into action, counting out $300 from News Channel 3 and $300 from an anonymous donor.

But that wasn’t all. Bouler’s co-workers at Brim’s also took up a collection.

“Ten, eleven, twelve. And we hope that helps with everything that you’re going through.”

It was an extra $1,200. How did Bouler feel?

“Makes me fell great. It’s been a rough time ya know.”

He explained how he has been providing for his family and sister-in-law. He also told Tim Simpson about his wife and her selflessness during this time.

“She’s got to go back and forth to the Med for treatment. So my wife’s been staying home from work. We just take it day by day.”

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