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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man in South Memphis is dealing with a setback after becoming a victim of crime.

Johnny Jones has worked hard all of his life, but these days he’s struggling.  Our playmaker, Tee Mangum, told us why.

“He’s having problems due to arson.  People burning up his cars,” Tee said. “So, he has no way to get around.  No way to get around.  And is he like on a fixed income.  He’s on a fixed income and it’s kind of hard for him to get around without a car.”

While Mr. Jones doesn’t have major health issues, he’s still 80 years old. 

“Well, we want to be an encouragement to him today and I’ve got some encouragement out of my pocket in the form of some one hundred dollar bills.  There’s three hundred from News Channel 3 and seven hundred from our anonymous donors. A thousand dollars, Tim said. “Do you think that will be encouraging to him?”

“Yes he would really appreciate this, he really would,” Tee said.

Tee makes the phone call so we can catch up with Mr. Jones

“I don’t think he’s coming back right now,” Tee said.

That’s not exactly what chief photographer Josh Strawn and I wanted to hear. So, several days later we’re back.

“And who is this gentleman sitting right here? Mr. Jones!  You’re a hard man to catch,” Tim said. 

“Well when you’ve got to be on somebody else’s time you’ve got to stay with them,” Mr. Jones said.

Tee doesn’t waste any time.  She starts counting out the cash. She counts out the one thousand dollars from News Channel 3 and our anonymous donors.

“Here ya go. Hold your hand out. One, two..nine, ten. This is for you Mr. Jones. I love you,” Tee said.

Mr. Jones usually comes across money the old fashioned way — he works for it!

“Laid bricks for 65 years. Then I was also a carpenter,” Mr. Jones said. “I framed a lot of churches. But you keep on going and that age will catch up with you.”

Mr. Jones has laid his last brick.

“When you get 80 years old there ain’t much you can find to do,” Mr. Jones said.

Especially when someone torches your transportation.

“somebody burned up my truck, my work truck then they turned around, i got an suv and they burned it up.”

So, this cash blessing comes at a good time.

“Thank you so much Ms. Tee,”  Mr. Jones said. “And God bless each and everyone of you.”