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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Every city has its problems but as it is said, light overcomes the darkness. Pastor Henry Key has identified one of those bright lights, Dr. Deborah Luckett Day.

“The name of her ministry is Mending Vessels Ministry and she’s literally doing that. Broken families, broken women in particular, making sure that all their needs are met.”

Dr. Day has even taken two children into her home.

“Not teenagers yet, but they have all kinds of needs. She makes sure that whatever the needs are, she’s mom, she’s nurturer, she’s counselor, she’s dresser, she’s bather, and it just goes on and on and on.”

It’s time to Pass It On. Approximately $300 was given from News Channel 3 plus $300 from an anonymous donor.

Just moments later Pastor Key knocked on Dr. Day’s door.

“Come on out here, come on out here.”

Dr. Day was definitely surprised as Pastor Key counted out the money.

And what is Dr. Day trying to accomplish?

“Empower women to have a better life and to know that there is a more excellent way to live,” she said. “Even some of the women I meet on the corner you give them hope. And water, try to have cold water and non perishables. Understand.”