In a Pass It On episode last summer, you met a little boy with a major heart defect.  At the time, his parents were hoping for a miracle, and three months ago, they received it. 

Buck and Mikaela Rogers desperately wanted to start a family.

“We tried for four years to have a baby and couldn’t have a baby,” Mikaela said.

You can imagine the excitement when their son Harrison was born, but they quickly found out that Harrison had some problems.

“The left side of his heart was underdeveloped, so he had half of a heart,” Mikaela said.

Harrison needed two surgeries.

“If they can’t do the second one, he’ll have to have a heart transplant,” Mikaela said.

We passed along $700 to the Rogers family. The following day, they were back at the hospital.

“I think two days after you came, or even the next day he ended up back in the hospital and that’s where we were until march of this year,” Mikaela said.

Harrison’s heart was just too weak: “He ended up on ECMO and that’s when they listed him for sure for a heart transplant.” Mikaela said.

On January 21, Harrison received his new heart and a new set of challenges.

“Harrison decided to wake up on the way back to the recovery room after his transplant, and when he woke up, his body, for lack of a better word, just kind of shut down.” Mikaela said.

“He went back on ECMO for about 18 hours after transplant. They told us that it was not unusual, but that they had never seen anything like harrison did before,” Mikaela told us.   

Harrison fought very some tough battles in the weeks following his transplant.

“He had another surgery exactly a week after transplant.  His diaphragm was paralyzed on the right side and they had to go in and pin it down,” Mikaela said.

As Mikaela tells the story, Harrison sneezes and breaks out in a beautiful smile.

“We have world renowned surgeons taking care of us and—bless you,” Mikaela said.

“By the way, we can see that smile. He blew that pacifier out and he is grinning ear to ear.” Tim said, laughing.

 These days, Harrison is very happy and so are his parents.

“He’s doing very, very good. He’s the happiest boy in the world, that’s for sure.” Mikaela said.

“It’s definitely opened my eyes for friends that we made in the hospital to stop and pray for their kids as well as this one every day.  But it definitely gives you a better outlook on life that you can’t take nothing for granted,” Buck said.

“He’s very resilient. I think it’s taught me that i can be resilient too, no matter what.” Mikaela said.

It’s been a long year for buck, mikaela and harrison.  They’re thankful for the prayers from family, friends, and even strangers they’ve never met–prayers that their boy would be healthy.