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Pass It On: A mechanic gets a little help

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This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The photos are hard to look at. Memories of a house fire where a man lost so much. Our playmaker Veronica Flynn shared more about a mechanic named Brian.

“He’s been our mechanic for a couple of months now. He went home one day with his dogs to cook supper. He went to feed them and they take their gas things off the stove. Well, that night they didn’t do it. The dog got up there wanting some macaroni and cheese and the house caught fire.”

“One of them had seven puppies, she tried to get back inside the house. He came back blaming himself.”

The puppies unfortunately did not survive the house fire.

“He goes back a couple of days later, one of his dogs had blisters on her, blaming his self for the accident. My fault, how scared they were.”

Brian is having a hard time coping with not only losing his home, but losing those puppies as well.

“Let’s go by and see if we can brighten up Brian’s day, what do you say?” said WREG’s Tim Simpson.

They make the short drive to the shop where Brian works.

He’s not sure about the camera.

“I’ve got a little thing, Pass It On, since you’ve had some bad luck.”

Veronica counts out the $600.

“Thank ya’ll very much.”

Brian tells us about what happened.

“The second of October we had a house fire. Me and my girlfriend went to the store and came back to the house. We lost three of our dogs and seven little puppies. And then a week later, my truck got stolen from me. It’s been a rough month.”

This $600 won’t replace all that Brian lost, but it does show him that someone cares.

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