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Pass It On: A deserving neighbor receives help

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — In tonight’s Pass It On a deserving neighbor receives help.

Meet our play maker Mrs. Freelon. “The tree fell on their vehicle and totaled their vehicle. My neighbor, she’s a good person. She has five children a husband and one vehicle. But she’s wondering why her vehicle hasn’t been fixed.”

Mrs. Freelon says her neighbor’s haven’t received much help.

“The only thing they have done Tim is to give her a rental car and she has to pay $20 for that rental car.”

The tree hasn’t been cut up, the car isn’t going anywhere and Mrs. Freelon simply wants to help her neighbors. It’s time to Pass It On.

We’re passing on $300 from News Channel 3 and an additional $300 from our anonymous donor in Nesbit, Mississippi.

“I wrote them about your situation and he came out today to help me help you. Hold out your hand Mrs. Banks,” Mrs. Freelon said.

“Thank you. God is good,” Mrs. Banks said. “It will help me a lot, especially with me getting around, getting my kids to school you know.”

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