MEMPHIS, Tenn. — We all depend on medical professionals to get the help we need, but what happens when they need help? Two nurses came together to help one of their own as she goes through some tough times.

Our playmakers Rebecca and Cindy work as nurses at Baptist East Hospital. They go out of their way to pick up their co-worker Lisette, who has no transportation, so she won’t lose her job.

“Her car’s in the shop and it’s been out for like six months or so. Fighting with the insurance to get it fixed.  So we’ve been taking her back and forth and just kind of keeping her on our schedule,” Rebecca said.

Lisette’s husband Tony has also experienced some challenges.

“Her husband, who was in ICU not that long ago, working on changing his meds, he’s just so awesome.  He honestly sends me home with dinner every night her off,” Rebecca said.

These nurses were looking for a way to help Lisette and Tony.

Lisette and Tony

“Just throwing ideas out there, what we could do to help her. And we were like, what about that Pass It On story,” Cindy said.

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We didn’t waste any time. After a knock at the door, we saw Lisette.

“So me and Cindy and WREG are wanting to bless y’all,” Rebecca said.

Both women counted out the cash — a total of $1,000 from News Channel 3 and our anonymous donors and an extra $400 from Rebecca and Cindy.

“I love y’all. I love y’all so much,” Lisette said.

Lisette said she and her husband have been overwhelmed ever since her truck broke down.

“These two ladies have been bringing me back and forth to work. They live in Arkansas. She just moved to Tipton County and they find a way. If they can’t bring me, they call the other nurses.  And I wouldn’t have a job right now. Wouldn’t be able to take care of ourselves. We’d be homeless,” she said.

Tony and Lisette’s car isn’t the only thing that’s been out of commission.

“He (Tony) had a massive seizure back in March, was out of work for almost two months because I had to be at his bedside,” Lisette said.

Tony when he was in the hospital

The hugs are big in this story, and so are the hearts of these nurses who wanted to help their friend and co-worker.