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Neighbors step in to help family after devastating loss

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ATOKA, Tenn. — This Pass It On story begins several years ago in Bellevue, Nebraska. In 2018, the Missouri River reached its highest levels since the historic flooding of 2011.

Lacey Barnett and her husband Shawn lost everything. They decided to start a new life in West Tennessee. Remembering what that was like, they knew they had to do something when a neighbor lost her home.

“You reached out to me recently because of a neighbor who has gone through a tragedy. What happened?”

“So a neighbor of ours, her house burned down. Pretty much. Her house was on fire, about two days ago it happened.”

The family can’t live in their home and is staying at a local hotel. They’re in desperate need of help.

Lacey’s friend Heather did all the talking.

“Lacey reached out to Tim Simpson at Channel 3 because we just wanted to be able to do something for you. I know the expenses right now are just unbelieveable.”

Cheryl Chaco was overwhelmed as she pulled a total of $600 from the Pass It On baton. She was also presented with a basket of cleaning supplies from another Pass It On recipient.

“We’ve also had another donor step up and this person just felt like we should give an even $1,000. So there’s another $400.”

That wasn’t the only surprise!

“This is $357 from the neighbors at that end of the street.”

Cheryl and her son may never live in their home again, but they’ll never forget the kindness of neighbors who cared and could relate to losing it all.

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