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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The neighbors on Chatwood near Summer Avenue and Graham are a tight knit bunch of folks. But one neighbor in particular could use some help.

Our playmakers Scotty and Richard set up this Pass It On.

“Our neighbor is the most awesome lady,” said Scotty. “We’ve been here about four and a half years in this area. She’s lived here probably over 30 years. And she knows all the neighbors, she watches after everyone’s houses. She watches the traffic, she watches the different cars coming in. She watches all our animals.”

An asset to the neighborhood, but she has some challenges.

“She’s got some things inside that are broken, that need to be fixed,” said Scotty. She’s having some air issues.”

“Space heaters. Her washer and dryer broke and the latest things, she’s got a key broke off in her front door so she’s got to go out the back door,” added Richard.

Sounds like a good candidate for Pass It On!

The trio head to Joyce’s home. Turns out, she doesn’t like surprises or cameras, but recognizes Tim. She knows exactly what’s going on!

“We just love you,” Scotty explained. “And we just wanted to help you.”

Joyce receives $300 from News Channel 3 and $700 from our anonymous donors. Joyce is thankful and says the money will go a long way in helping to fix some things around her home.