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Mother robbed by thief while working overtime to provide Christmas for family gets Pass It On surprise

Pass It On

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Olympia Loverson was working overtime to provide Christmas for her two children when the unthinkable happened.

“She was at work trying to work overtime to make some Christmas money for her and her daughters and someone broke into her car,” explained our playmakers Ursela and Tiffany. “Broke into her car, stole her purse and she sells hair, eyelashes and stuff. And they stole all the stock that was in her trunk and everything.”

The experience hit her hard and left her down in the dumps, they said.

“She’s got a good heart. She’s always trying to make sure that her girls are good and just as a parent goes far and beyond to make sure that they have what they need,” they added.

To set up the surprise, Tiffany and Ursela told Olympia they were coming by her house to pray for her. She definately received that prayer along with $300 from News Channel 3 and $700 from our anonymous donors.

Olympia was stunned and told WREG’s Tim Simpson she couldn’t believe the event that led up to the Pass It On surprise.

“I’ve never been in a sitatuation when I’m at work, making money and getting robbed,” she said.

Olympia’s 16-year-old daughter Taiya was encouraged by our little Christmas miracle.

“I think it’ll give us a fresh start so we can get better,” she said.

It was certainly a Christmas blessing for this family in Frayser.

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