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Mother of two blessed by Pass It On surprise after tragic loss

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — We have all experienced the loss of a loved one. In the time of Covid-19 however, sadness seems to be multiplied. Paige Harwell knows that pain.

“Since I’ve known her, she’s endured quite a few things. Quite recently her husband passed,” explained playmaker Dwayne Holman. “She really didn’t get the chance to get her children a Christmas that they wanted. And I just wanted the opportunity if I could, to reach out and help.”

“Just a genuine, kind hearted person, who is very easy, outgoing person who is usually doing things for other people so this pretty much going to blow her mind when she she’s something of this magnitude,” he added.

Holman led WREG’s Tim Simpson to Harwell’s home and gave her the scoop on what was going on.

“It’s time today that you be put first today. So we’re here to bless you,” he said.

Harwell was overwhelmed when she realized she was receiving $300 from News Channel 3 and $700 from our anonymous donors.

“I want to thank you and I really appreciate you because I’ve been going through a lot,” she said. “I lost my husband last year, like in the middle of June. When I say it was tough, it was just the way it happened.”

“Usually I cry but I’ve done cried so much,” she added.

It’s been a tough year for her and her family, but this cash donation will help.

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