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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Life has not been easy for Malinda Jones Cain. She and her six-year-old daughter are both in wheelchairs, but a recent event has made life even more difficult.  

“In the last year she lost her father and then she lost a sister after that,” said our Pass It On playmaker Kametria Owens. “And since then, she’s been working a full-time job while being disabled and taking care of her disabled daughter.” 

“She’s always trying to help others even though she has a disability and I just feel like she deserves a little,” Owens added.  

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 Owens took WREG’s Tim Simpson to her friend’s home for the surprise.  

“I know you need some help for you and your baby, and I wanted to give you this,” explained Owens handing over $300 from News Channel 3 and $700 from our anonymous donors.  

“This is really a big blessing,” Jones Cain responded. “We have a form of Muscular Dystrophy and she inherited that from me, so I drive and take her to the doctor.” 

She used to drive her daughter until someone hit her van. 

“I got hit by a stolen truck from Texas,” she explained. “As soon as we’re going through the intersection, an SUV comes and just runs the light and hit me. There was a red car driving behind them, pulled over. Young men jumped out of the truck. Had big guns. They looked like they were 15-16 years old. About four or five guys.” 

“They grabbed their guns and jumped into the other vehicle,” she added.  

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They didn’t harm Jones Cain but her handicapped van with special hand controls is no longer drivable and she can no longer take her daughter to the doctor.  

Despite this major setback, she had a positive outlook.  

“I’m thankful.  I really am.  I’m thankful,” she said.