MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Madison Thomas and Danielle Miller have been friends since grade school, so when Danielle and her boyfriend suffered a financial setback, Madison reached out to WREG.

“She is seven months pregnant, and last week, her boyfriend got in a really bad car wreck that’s having him to be out of work for a little bit, so she’s working extra hours to get ready for a baby shower and a sweet baby boy being here in September,” Madison said.

We followed Madison to meet Danielle and give her a Pass It On gift of $1,000 from News Channel 3 and our anonymous donors. Danielle’s boyfriend Jac’Quan, explained their current situation.

“I was in an accident Tuesday morning headed to work,” he said. “The guy pulled out in front of me at the light, and I really don’t remember anything after that.”

By the looks of Jac’Quan’s car, he is fortunate to be alive. With Jac’Quan out of work for six weeks, Danielle is working extra shifts.

“I’ve been working three-plus doubles a week,” she said.

This isn’t the first hardship that has strengthened this friendship. “Since 5th grade, we’ve traveled. She lost her mom, and losing that and just being there for her,” Madison said.

“I wouldn’t imagine my life without her,” Danielle said.