HORN LAKE, Miss. — An employee at a department store in Horn Lake, Mississippi, shifts into high gear to help a co-worker battling a cancer diagnosis.

Valerie Guy and Alicia Williams-Spangler have become fast friends. They have worked at Target together for about 20 years.

We met Valerie at Target, where she told us more about her friend’s situation.

“She had throat cancer. At first, it was her tongue. It cleared up, and they removed that portion, and she began to, you know, be free. And then it came back,” Valerie said. “Right now, she’s had her chemo, and she’s had her radiation. We’re just waiting right now for them to say, ‘You’re good.'”

Valerie made a quick phone call to have Alicia brought outside. A few moments later, Valerie gave her friend $300 from News Channel 3 and $700 from our anonymous donors.

“It makes me feel loved. Very loved,” Alicia said.

She told us a little more about her cancer journey.

“I have oral cancer. So, this time I had to have thirty-five rounds of radiation, six chemo treatments. And really, the after-effects of cancer is worse than having cancer itself,” Alicia said.

This financial gift came at a great time since it will help Alecia pay some medical bills.

Alicia is surrounded by loving friends like Valerie. She’s a fighter and will not give up on this battle with cancer.