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HORN LAKE, Miss. — Times are tough for a young mother in Horn Lake. She lost her job right before Christmas, but thankfully she has a friend named Patricia who reached out to WREG’s Tim Simpson for some help.

“I recently met this lady and we just clicked, you know, all of a sudden and I found out she has some real needs,” Patricia explained. “She has six kids and before she moved here, she was homeless.”

“I just felt like we should be each other’s keepers, so I just started reaching out to different people and organizations that could help,” she added.

The pair made their way to Romeesha’s home where they were quickly spotted. It took some convincing to get Romeesha to come to the door with the camera there, but Patricia was very persuasive.

“Because of all the things that you’ve been through and out of all the hard trials and tribulations, that if anybody deserve the Pass It On, it would definitely be you,” she explained.

Romeesha starts to pull $1,000 in cash out of the Pass It On baton but was overcome with emotion.

“Thank you,” she said.

Romeesha told Tim how she lost her job right before Christmas along with another loss.

“I just had a big loss when I lost my mom. Yes, that was the biggest loss of my life. But I’m ok,” she said.

Like many people today, Romeesha has suffered some setbacks, but with friends like Patricia, she’s going to make it.