A Millington woman has been struggling, and she’s getting some help because of a yard sale.

We’re in Millington talking to our playmaker, Helen Tuttle. She reached out to us about someone she met. She hasn’t known them for a long time, but she actually met them at a yard sale.

“Well, the granddaughter was out in the yard having a yard sale trying to help make some money to give to her grandmother because of her health, having COVID, put on oxygen, heart arrhythmia,” Helen said. “And when she gave us the full story, she’s got real hard times financially and physically.  I just wanted to try and do something to help.”

They were doing a yard sale to help with things such as medical expenses and rent.

“Utilities, whatever they could make to help out,” Helen said.

Tuttle was inspired to help.

“Just listening to her story that the granddaughter told me, ‘I felt like I was meant to be there,’” Helen said.

So, we hit the road and just moments later, Helen is knocking on Betty Owen’s door.

But we’re not having any luck, so we check in with a neighbor. The neighbor calls our recipient and now all is well.

“You remember me from the yard sale?” Helen said.

“Yes,” Betty said.

“We’re here with News Channel 3 to Pass It On,” Helen said.

So, Helen counts out the cash.

This money came at a critical time in Betty’s life.  She tells me what she’s been dealing with.

“My health, finances, can’t go to work, although I want to so bad,” Betty said. “I have heart problems, and uh, oxygen.  I can’t get my oxygen.  I’m on oxygen all the time.”

This Pass It On surprise will help.  And having friends like Helen?

“She is wonderful.  She can come see me anytime,” Betty said.