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A southeast Memphis woman needs some major home repairs, but her income is very limited.

Mrs. Butler’s friend, Delerey Lacey, not only has house issues, but she’s caring for children, and has very little monthly income.

“We’ve been knowing each other over 20 years,” Butler said.

First, they were neighbors.

“And then we met at church. And we’ve been friends ever since,” Butler said.

Verlene & Kelvin Butler load up for the trip to surprise their friend Delerey.

Unknown to Delerey, showers of blessings are just a few minutes away. We hit the road for a short drive.

Delerey can’t believe it. So, Verlene counts out the cash.

She got $300 from News Channel 3 and $700 from our anonymous donors.

Delerey has been through a lot.

“With the virus, I lost my son-in-law.  My daughter had the virus. My house situation. Everything just . . . when it rains it pours,” Delerey said. “Just broke down in my home.”

The home has mold issues, plus a window is missing.

“I have to keep my house, I have nowhere to go,” Delerey said. “I have two mental boys that I take care of.”

But she does have faith. A well-worn bible speaks to that. We say a prayer for Delerey.

“May she feel your Holy Spirit, Lord. Just put a big hug around her and let her know that she is loved and that she is one of your children, dear father.”

One thousand dollars doesn’t solve all problems, but Delerey is encouraged by the love of God, her friends and the donors of Pass It On.