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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — It’s been an exhaustive search for Brittany Murphy Moore. 

“I have been actively looking for my biological father since 2013,” she said. “I’ve gotten misleads.  I have even been in contact with the wrong person with the same name.”

She’s come across multiple leads through the years, but just recently hit the jackpot.

“When I got this address, I’m like I’m not going to write a personal letter to this address if I don’t know if that’s him. So I drove by, and of course there were vehicles, and I sat there and I wondered if I could see somebody come out,” she recalled.

Brittany didn’t see the man she was looking for, but she did notice a neighbor across the street.

“When I walked up there it was Wednesday before Mother’s Day and she was making Mother’s Day baskets and her whole garage was filled with these baskets that she makes as a side business.  I don’t celebrate Mother’s Day because my mother, she died when I was two,” she explained.

Brittany has had no mother or father in her life but that’s about to change because of a lady named Lisa. 

“I hated to interrupt her because she looked like she was busy.  I was like, ‘excuse me ma’am. Can I ask you a few questions?’  But I was crying because of the Mother’s Day baskets,” Brittany said.

“She embraced me and she changed my life,” she added.

You see, Brittany was too shy to approach the man she thought she’d identified as her father, so Lisa stepped up. She passed on the information to the man and it turns out Brittany was right. It was her dad.

Afterwards, Brittany contacted WREG wanting to give back to the woman who had given her so much.

When Brittany and the WREG News Channel 3 team showed up at her home, Lisa was busy working on new baskets for Father’s Day, something that wasn’t lost on Brittany.

“It’s Father’s Day coming up now. Man, I never had to buy a gift for Father’s Day but this year I get to,” she said. Lisa provided a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on and reconnected a father and daughter.