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Memphis man who lost everything in house fire receives Pass It On surprise

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — This year has been a challenge for everyone. Small businesses in particular are struggling to survive. Combine that challenge with disaster and it’s enough to make some people give up.

Our playmaker LaTonya Brown didn’t want to see that happen so she reached out to WREG’s Tim Simpson.

“I want to help Mr. Charles,” she explained. “He works at the meat market, Discount Meat Market, right behind my house, where I shop at. He recently had a tragedy, his home burned down. And he barely got out with his mom.”

Charles lost everything in the fire.

“Well, we’re in the holidays right now so I think we’ve got a little something up our sleeve that might provide a little encouragement for him during the holidays,” said Simpson.

The pair made their way to the meat market and were able to get Charles to come outside for his Pass It On surprise. He received $300 from News Channel 3 and $700 from our anonymous donors.

He explained to Simpson what happened.

“I had to wake up and go to work one morning. I woke up there with a lot of smoke. If I hadn’t come to work, I probably wouldn’t be here. My house caught a fire. Everything in my house burned up. Left me with nothing,” he said.

Despite the tragedy, Charles still had a positive attitude.

“I lost everything but I’m trying to bounce back,” he said. “I’ve got the Lord. I’ve got good friends like you. Lord have mercy.”

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