HORN LAKE, Miss. — Good friends stick with you through thick or thin, and Marcus Thomas from Horn Lake, Mississippi definitely has a good friend who is always helping out.

Eric Pryor told us more about Marcus and their friendship.

“We go back many years. I mean many years. We traveled together. He was like the life of the party. I mean, people’s eyes just light up when they see this guy coming in because he was just that type of guy,” Eric said.

But Marcus hasn’t been to many parties recently.

“You know, sometimes life throws you a curveball. And so, eventually, his health failed him. He had to quit his job,” Eric explained. “He’s in and out of dialysis now.”

Eric said Marcus’ car was also stolen when he visited his mother.

“His car got stolen, and the car eventually had all of the medicine and different things in it that he uses,” he said.

When we arrived at Marcus’ house, Eric wasted no time giving him his surprise.

“I just wanted to surprise you right quick and let you know how much we care about you,” he told Marcus as he counted out $300 from News Channel 3 and $700 from our wonderful anonymous donors.

Marcus was touched by Eric’s kindness since he’s been facing some tough battles.

“It makes me feel so good, so so good. I appreciate it, and it’s good to have good friends like Mr. Pryor here,” he said. “I’ve been having kidney problems, heart, then recently somebody stole my car. It’s just been so much.”

Despite the setbacks, Marcus is thankful.

“I have good friends. Like I say, good friend, good wife, good people, good mom to help me out, brothers. Yeah, I’m going to come on. I’m going to come on back,” he said.

Marcus has a good attitude and determination to get beyond his current challenges. Now, he’s encouraged by the kindness of a long-time friend.