Man at the right place at the right time helps friend after crash

Pass It On

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Scott Barry was having a blast, racing his mini sprint car during a practice session when things took a drastic turn.

“My steering came loose and between turns one and two and I hit the wall,” he recalled. “I broke my back between T12 and L1.”

Fortunately for Scott, his friend, Chaney Young, was there filming his run when it happened. Chaney happens to work for the Memphis Fire Department and knew exactly what to do in an emergency.

“He came running over there and he held my head still,” he said. “The doctor told me that if wasn’t for him, I’d be paralyzed right now.”

As Scott explained, it’s why he wanted to Pass It On.

 “You helped me man from being paralyzed and what not, keeping me stiff because I really, really wanted to get up. You didn’t let me get up. I figured we’d Pass It On to you a little bit,” he said.

Chaney was very moved by the $300 from News Channel 3 and $700 from our anonymous donors.

“It makes me feel just about as good as him not being paralyzed,” he said.

Chaney’s training played a major part in this rescue.

“Well since I work for Memphis Fire, I mean it all goes back to the training. I mean, I wasn’t going to let you move because I knew if you did, you were going to be paralyzed,” he said.

No doubt, these guys will be friends for life.

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