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ABF freight is best known for cargo hauling, whether it’s short or long distance.  Today however, they’re delivering some help to one of their own. 

“She’s a vendor of ours.  She started coming there during COVID, sanitizing our building. She comes diligently every Wednesday,” Alecia told us.   

But lately Ruthell’s been missing from work.

“She was changing a tire on the expressway and a speeder hit another car, hit her and as a result she lost her leg,” Alecia told Tim.

“And we at ABF family wanted to show her some love, give her some encouragement on today to show that we care and that we want to just…for her to know that someone always around to help her through this process,” Alecia said.

We’ve got 300 dollars from News Channel 3 and 700 dollars from our anonymous donors. There’s a total of 1,000 dollars.

Plus, the ABF employees chipped in as well.  You’ll see how much in just a moment.  First, we load up. Then, make the short drive to Ruthelle’s home. 

It takes just a few moments, but now everyone’s in place.

“How you doing sunshine?” Alecia said.  

“I’m good, how are you?” Ruthelle said.

“I thought I’d bring some sunshine to you today,” Alecia said.

Ruthelle’s smile is radiant as Alecia counts out 1000 dollars from News Channel 3 and our anonymous donors.
And ABF chips in, another $800.

That’s 1,800 dollars plus cards and balloons.  Ruthelle is very touched.

“It makes me feel loved,” Ruthelle said. “Loved. Most definitely.”

Ruthelle remembers what happened that day, “I was fixing a tire on my car.”

“I don’t remember feeling the impact or anything, but I remember coming to and I saw that my left leg was broken,” Ruthelle said.

“I saw my foot laying next to me and blood. I was able to scream, call 911 twice before I blacked out again,” Ruthelle said.

It was a tragic accident that could have been even worse.

“I’m thankful that god spared your life,” Alecia said.

Ruthelle then made a statement that we should all ponder, “I can’t be mad at what I don’t have, I gotta be grateful for what I do have.”

This young woman has every reason to be sad, angry, even bitter, but instead, she’s grateful and continues to wear that beautiful smile.