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Hernando man in need of a transplant gets Pass It On surprise

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HERNANDO, Miss. — Joe Lawson is facing an uphill battle because of liver disease. He needs a transplant and his mother Pam Hacker has been canvassing the community trying to get help.

Our playmaker Jane Casey explains why this mother will not give up.

“She had three sons. Twins, a set of twins. She’s already lost twins. So this is her only surviving child.”

“Now where is he on the transplant list?” asked WREG’s Tim Simpson.

“He’s not on the transplant list yet. Because he has lost his insurance. He has applied for Medicaid. He cannot get on the Medicaid list until the first of the year.”

“Right now she’s just trying to raise as much money as possible.”

Sounds like the perfect family to be a blessing to.

Pam met the group at the door and explained what she and her son are up against.

“When he was able to work, he had great insurance. Once he got where he couldn’t work, he can’t get it. They won’t put him on the list.”

So while Joey is waiting to go on that list, Jane thought a Pass It On surprise of $1,000 would lift his spirits.

“They are here to give you some money to help you along with this.”

How does Joey feel?

“Man it’s a blessing. Oh the Lord’s been so good to me. I’m just so appreciative of everything that anybody is helping me out with.”

To date, there have been fundraisers, a Go Fund Me page and other events to help Joey raise the money for a transplant. The Pass It On surprise confirms that people do care and want to help.

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