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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — We’re at Centro Inc., in the Overton Crossing area of Frayser, to meet this week’s playmaker, Elisha Escue.

Elisha tells us about today’s Pass It On recipient, Libby Graves.

“Libby has been working here for a very long time, at least 10 years. She’s worked here in accounting,” Elisha says. “She’s had a real rough spot. Her dad passed away not long ago. She’s been cleaning her dad’s house out, and the day the house caught on fire they were cleaning her dad’s house out and bringing it to her house to store. So her house caught on fire. Her house caught on fire. Complete loss.”

Libby’s son, who was at home at the time, fortunately escaped the flames.

“We’d like to brighten her day just a little bit,” I say as I pass Elisha $300 from News Channel 3.

We walk through the parking lot and enter the will call door, but we’re not here for tickets — we’re here to pass it on to an unsuspecting Libby.

“You’re always ready to help, no matter what. When I call you you, no matter what you’re doing, you come and help me. That’s what you’re supposed to do. Your dad’s passed away, you were cleaning out his house, you’ve just had a hard time,” Elisha tells her. “I’ve got some money from WREG to pass along to you, to help with your expenses, the motel, food and clothes, and all that. So hold your hand out.”

Libby is very grateful for the help as she recounts the the fire.

“All up in fire. I have no house. We lost everything except the clothes on our back.”

“Wow, but he’s OK, your son,” I say.

“He’s OK. Luckily he got there about five minutes before it went up in flames and got the dog out. So our dog Smokey is good too.”

Libby may have lost her home and possessions, she didn’t lose her friends, her son or a dog named Smokey.