MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A custodian on staff at a community college is dealing with some major life issues, but a life coach is coming her rescue.

These students at southwest Tennessee Community College are learning to be paramedics. They want to serve and help others. One of their instructors, Chris Camp, is better known as “Coach.”

“I retired from the Memphis Fire Department in 2016. I coach students, but I’ve coached sports all my life and it just kind of transitioned. I don’t come into the classroom and try to teach people. I try to coach them how to be paramedics,” Coach Chris said.

Today, Coach Chris will be conducting a class in compassion, helping a fellow employee.

“Miss Vanessa Hill… She works here. She’s our custodian in this building and building right behind us. She’s just an absolute pleasure. She comes through, she’s always smiling, she wants to share a story for the day,” Coach Chris said.

However, Vanessa is having to deal with some tough circumstances

“She recently had to get custody of her three grandchildren, all under the age of 12. And in the same week, she was told, because of over-occupancy, she was going to have to find a new place to live,” Coach Chris said.

Coach Chris swung into action.

“All she asked for was prayers, and I said, ‘you’re going to get plenty of that,'” Coach Chris said. Chris put some feet to those prayers.

“That’s one of the beauties of being in EMS, being in fire and first responders.  That’s the whole purpose, is to serve others,” Coach Chris said.

Vanessa’s co-workers chipped in to help, and so did we.

“We have got some anonymous donors at News Channel 3. They give 700, we give 300. There is $1,000,” Tim said.

Coach Chris and I don’t waste any time. We move quickly through the halls of learning to an office where Vanessa is meeting with a supervisor.

“We want to share some things with you real quick if that’s alright. I hope that’s going to be ok with you.  We have a little offering here,” Coach Chris said.

Chris counts out our one thousand dollars. “We ain’t done yet. We got some more,” he said. More is right! The co-workers added another $860

Vanessa tells us what she’s struggling with lately.

“I have custody of my 3 grandchildren and i live in a high rise, city view towers, and they gave me 14 days to vacate,” Vanessa said.

Coming just before Christmas, this money will help Vanessa find a new home and provide Christmas for the grandkids.

“I am so grateful. Thank y’all so much,” Vanessa said.