MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A woman in Haywood County was looking forward to retiring, and taking it easy.

Instead, she found herself caring for her two young grandchildren.

This story takes us to a rural area of Haywood County, Tennessee. 

That’s where our playmaker, Debra Phillips, tells us about this week’s recipient.

“Ms. Hope Cannon is the lady’s name. A very sweet lady.  She is taking care of her great grandchildren.  She’s just a very dear and sweet lady,” Debra said.

She’s a sweet lady with some challenges.

“Her husband passed away five years ago,” Debra told us. “And I know when she retired she thought she would enjoy everything, then the children’s dad passed away in December of 2020.  So Ms. Hope is caring for those [children].”

In fact, her great grandchildren are rather young.

“One is probably seven or eight years old and the other is three or four years old,” Debra said. “So, she’s almost like a toddler age.”

It sounds like this great grandmother could use some help and encouragement.

“Well, I’ve got ten reasons why she should be encouraged here, Tim said.  “Here’s three hundred dollars from News Channel 3 and seven hundred dollars from our anonymous donors.  One thousand dollars.” 

“I have an extra three hundred dollars from an anonymous neighbor,” Debra said.

We don’t waste any time.  Debra loads up and we hit some very windy country roads. 

After a knock on the door, I see Ms. Hope and the family dog.

“We just wanted you to know Ms. Hope that we pray for you and that we love you, Debra said. “And that’s what we’re going to do today.  We’re going to pass it on.”

“This has made my day in way but I appreciate this.  Y’all don’t know how much I appreciate it, Ms. Hope said.  “We love you.  It’s been rough but it’s coming around.”

And Debra hasn’t even started counting the cash. Plus, the extra three hundred from a neighbor. 

And how does Ms. Hope feel?

“It makes me feel great.  Knowing that I’ve got people that care and people knowing that I care about people too,” Ms. Hope said.

These last few months have been tough.  Aside from taking care of her great granddaughters, Ms. Hope has fallen on hard times.

“I had a bad situation back in december when I got scammed. Oh me. I got scammed,” Ms. Hope said. “And that didn’t help much either.”

Ms. Hope is rightly named because she has hope.

“I’ve been praying and the Lord has answered some prayers for me.  I appreciate that too.  Y’all don’t know how much i appreciate this,” Ms. Hope said.