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DESOTO, Miss. — A grandmother who is caring for four children after her daughter was killed in an accident in Mississippi received the “Pass It On” gift.

That’s this week’s Pass It On play-maker is Kesha Todd.

Todd wants to help the family of David Wyatt and Tina Maher. The couple was only engaged a few hours when they were killed last month in a single car crash in DeSoto County on Baptist Road.

Between them, they were the parents of six children.

Todd says, “It’s just heartbreaking. If I were in these shoes, yeah I would want someone to help my family. Help my kids.”

Tammy Maher says there are good days and bad days with the kids, which range from just eleven months to 9-years-old.

She also says she’s blown away by the support of friends, the community, and even distant friends like Kesha whom she barely knows.

Kesha told WREG’s Richard Ransom that it feels amazing to be able to pass it on and help somebody in need.

$1300 dollars was given to the grandmother. $600 came from WREG and our anonymous doctor and his wife, plus $400 from and our new friend Bill Bell.