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MEMPHIS, Tenn.– Many of us spend enough time at work that our co-workers can become like family members, and nobody knows that better than Trina Johnson and Sandra O’Neal.

Trina and Sandra have worked together for a few years at the Home Depot in Wolfchase.

“Twenty-six years. I’ve been there for twenty-two. She’s been there twenty-six,” Trina said.

Trina said her friend hasn’t been able to work due to some health issues.

“She went from working 10-12 shifts to not being able to work at all,” she said.

Trina is passionate about helping Sandra because she has always done whatever she can to help other people going through some tough times.

“When Hurricane Katrina hit, she was the first person in Memphis that said ‘let’s go round up some personal hygiene items, clothing, whatever we can do to help.’ She’s always taking care of everybody else, it’s time to take care of her for a change,” Trina said. “She’s there first thing in the morning.  She’s going to stay late when somebody doesn’t show up to work.  She’s always going to be there.”

That’s all Tim Simpson needed to hear. News Channel 3 gave Sandra $300 and $700 from our anonymous donors to give her a helping hand.

Sandra told us about her situation.

“I went into the hospital. I’ve got blood clots in my lungs, and they thought that was all that was wrong with me, and they let me come back home. Now I have a bad heart,” she said. “I’m learning how to walk. I’m on oxygen. But like I said, I’m getting better by the day.”

With friends like Trina, Sandra knows she is going to pull through.

“I always knew she was my friend but she came through for me and I appreciate her so much,” Sandra said.