MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis educator loves her students. However, some recent events outside the classroom are making life quite challenging.

The students at Leadership Prep Charter School are busy learning. They have bright minds, good attitudes, and caring teachers. But one teacher has been struggling.

Our playmaker Jamar Wright shared the situation with us.

“Everyone calls her Ms. Mason, but LaShondra Mason,” Wright said. “I’ve known Ms. Mason actually for a couple of years when I just started working at this particular school teaching reading.”

Ms. Mason and her students at Leadership Prep Charter School

Jamar told us why he nominated LaShondra.

“For the last couple of holidays, she’s had it tough. She, um, had a wreck. And then of course, with her being an educator, she gives a lot to our kids,” he said. “Also, was taking care of her mom, then of course over the Christmas break her mom passed, so she has really gone through a lot. She gives so much and has such a genuine heart.”

It sounded like this teacher could use some help. We followed Jamar to Leadership Prep to give LaShondra a gift of our own.

“Everyone here loves you. You give so much to our kids and to our community.  I just want to make sure we show as much appreciation as we can, so put your hand out,” he told LaShondra before counting out $1,000 from us and our anonymous donors.

LaShondra is a dedicated teacher who’s endured some recent hardships. The last few months have been difficult for her.

“My mom recently passed away in December. A month before she passed away, I was in a car accident that totaled my truck,” she said. “But the silver lining is I always come back to school because I love my children that I teach.”

“It’s just always good to know that the energy you try to give out is reciprocated and that’s what people get from your sincerity. Everything I do I always try to be the same, no matter what circle I’m in,” Jamar said.