Family hit hard by Covid says faith has kept them going

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Bowie family lives in Memphis. They’re hard working, kids are in school and everything seemed fine until Covid hit. 

“Marquis and Sujer went to his mother’s funeral.  Her name was Ida and two days later they both contracted Covid and Marquis got the worst of it,” explained playmaker Betty Jones.

Marquis has been in the hospital since February.

“He is now in rehab,” said Jones. “It was just touch and go and it was many, many, many dark days.  And they kept calling the family in.  Everybody was just praying and we prayed and we prayed. And eventually everything turned around with that prayer.”

Marquis is making progress but it has taken a toll on the family as his wife is constantly by his side.

They’re facing some challenges financially so it was a welcomed surprise when WREG’s Tim Simpson and Ms. Jones showed up at their door with $300 from News Channel 3, $700 from our anonymous donors and $400 from Ms. Jones.

“It makes us feel blessed, really blessed,” said Sujer. “I was just talking about my husband. This is overwhelming. The amount of support we’ve received from family and friends.”

The Bowie’s kids, Asman and Andreas have learned some life lessons through this ordeal. They said no matter what you have to stay strong and not give up.

“It’s a testimony to see how faith has made us grow as a family, as a unit,” said Sujer. “And how that faith has made him come a long way, even against all odds.”

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